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LOST: Time To Let Go…

Posted in Lost on May 24, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

Do series finales ever live up to our expectations? Some are really good (Six Feet Under, The Shield), some are really bad (Seinfeld) and  some are just plain confusing (The Sopranos).

Those are the extremes. But most finales tend to land somewhere in the middle. Which is where I believe last night’s epic LOST finale landed.

Some loved it, some hated, some were confused and some just thought, “meh”.

Personally I loved it. It gave me everything I wanted. It wrapped up the island storyline and even gave us a glimpse (a big glimpse) into the castaways post-island (after) life.

The biggest gripes I’m hearing about the finale is that it did not explain the island. What is it? Why is it? But that was actually one of my favorite things about the finale. I’m glad the writers left it up to the fans to decide what the island truly is.

To put it into perspective: Does CS Lewis ever explain why Narnia is magical? Does the Good Witch ever tell us why Oz is filled with dwarfs and flying monkeys? In Star Wars Obi Wan explains to Luke what The Force is, just as Jacob described to Richard what The Island IS, but never explain WHY. Why can the force be used to move objects. Why can some people control the force while others are unaware of its existence? Why does the island time travel? What makes up the light below?

We will never know the answers to these mysteries and I’m fine with that. I’ve made peace with that. I’ve moved on.

Like fellow Lostie Jay said many years ago, “How are they going to explain everything? Have some guy in  a white coat pop on the screen and say, ‘The reason the island time travels is because…'”

I think the writers gave us enough of a foundation to make up our own minds about why things are the way they are and the rest is up to us. To be debated endlessly on blogs and message boards untill the end of time.

The island action ended perfectly. The way it began. With Jack, the hero. laying in the bamboo field, smiling, watching his friends finally leaving the island, as he lay dying. His purpose fulfilled. His only company, Vincent. The dog who was with him when it began, was with him in the end. Keeping him company until he crossed over. Good Boy.

Do people really not understand the sideways world?

In simplest terms:

Season 1 – They all crashed. All the characters we knew and loved the last 6 years DID NOT DIE HERE! I repeat, they did not die here.

Season 2 – Stuff happened

Season 3 – Stuff happened

Season 4 – Stuff happened

Season 5 – Stuff happened

Season 6 – Let’s ignore the alt. universe.

More people died. At the end, the Hurley is the new Jacob, the new protector of the island. He may be there for thousands of years, but eventually he will die. Ben is his sidekick, the new Richard, he may be there for thousands of years, and eventually he will die. Desmond is with them, but Hurley will get him off the island, he is the new Jacob, he has powers. Eventually he will die.

Jack died (with Vincent, Matthew Fox’s dog in real life, laying next to him, so ****ing sad). Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Lapidus, Miles, and Richard all flew off the island. Let’s assume they lived happily ever after, but eventually, they all died too. Everyone dies! That’s life for ya, death and taxes are the only two sure things.

Now this is where the opening of Season 6 starts, once everyone is dead. They are all in purgatory. It all begins in the plane because this is where the most important part of their lives began, where they met the most important people they would ever meet, Oceanic Flight 815.

Problem though is, they are dead but not at peace. They all can’t move on. They all miss each other. There are too many stones yet unturned. Too many sins not atoned for.

Charlie tried to kill himself, but he couldn’t die, he was already dead! When he saw this, he then had a flash of what meant most to him while he was alive . . . Claire.  He opens the door for Desmond, and Desmond opened the door for everyone else. Every person had to realize what they all had been through, the giant adventure. They had to see all the sacrifices they made, all the things they did, the HELL they went through, and they had to see it together. Jack was just the last one to figure it out in the afterlife.

Ben couldn’t move on just yet. Having Hurley give him a thumbs up and Locke forgiving him wasn’t enough. He killed his dad, he killed his daughter, he killed all of Dharmaville! He wasn’t ready yet, he needed to atone.

Everyone else though, they were sitting in the church, much like passengers in the plane, and the two most important people, Jack and Locke, were in the front row, on a flight to their ultimate peace.

That was the tv show LOST! It was an adventure about a group of people who were alone, they had no one, they were given a tremendous responsibility, and they were all LOST. In the end, after they saved the world, after they made sacrifices, they were all together –  no longer alone, no longer LOST.

So, yes, I’m at peace with the finale.  I’ve let go of my favorite show ever. But it will live on.  It will live on DVD, repeats on ABC and, of course, Hulu.

Lost has also been a big part of this blog. I started recapping in season two, five years ago, and never looked back.

I’m thankful that LOST gave me something to write about each week. I’m thankful for the fully realized fleshed-out characters who felt like friends. I’m thankful for LOST.

See you in another life, Brutha…



Posted in Lost on May 22, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

“It only ends once. Everything else is just progress.” – Jacob

I can’t believe it. On Sunday night, after six years, my favorite show of all time comes to a close. Yes, come Sunday at 11:30 p.m. Lost will be over.

I’m not quite ready to reflect on what six years of being a LOST fan has been like to me. As I said to Keely earlier this week, “It’s not just a show to me…I’m invested.”

For anyone that cares I fully plan on having a final LOST blog sometime after the show ends. A blog where I will comment on the overall scope of te show. But, not having seen how this grand adventure ends, I feel it not right to comment just yet.

Instead I will focus on this Sunday’s LOST EVENT.

It all comes down to this. No more speculating. As always, I’ll simply defer to the final episode and allow the writers to tell their story. Afterall, there is nothing we can do about it now.

I  can only hope that the majority of our questions will be answered but more importantly, I hope all our favorite characters, the true driving force behind the show, have satisfying ends to their overall story arcs.Yes, I’m invested. I care about what happens to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and the rest….even Big Bad Ben, maybe especially Ben.

So I wont curse the GODS if I’m not told who dropped the Dharma Food, or Who Was In The Cabin or why that Parrot once said Hurley’s name in the jungle. I will be annoyed if I don’t find the the fates of our beloved castaways. Will they be happy? Will they live or die? This is the end. The time for cliffhangers is LOOOONG past.

That’s all I really have to say right now. I’ve yet to really decide if I’m going to watch the end with a group of friends or just by myself. All I really know is I’ll be watching. I can’t imagine any fan of the show not watching. And for you non-fans out there: I implore you to either watch or set your DVRs for Saturday night. ABC is showing the original LOST PILOT from 2004. See where it all began. It’s two hours and, as one movie critic said back when it premiered, “If the LOST premiere was shown in movie theaters instead of on TV, it would have been the best movie of the year.”

“Destiny is a fickle bitch.” – Ben Linus speaking to John Locke.

What They Died For

Posted in Lost on May 17, 2010 by bigdaddygouda
We certainly got some answers last week in Across The Sea.  However, I don’t know that they were quite the answers that we wanted or needed… or that they were offered in the timeframe they needed to be in.

After a staggering episode two weeks ago (The Candidate) that set the stage for a climactic final few episodes, last week’s episode of Lost (“Across the Sea”),  felt like it squandered the taut momentum of the last few episodes, pushing aside the central characters for the backstory of the island’s dueling deities, Jacob  and his Nemesis, the Nameless One  and their mother (Allison Janney).

While Jacob and his Nemesis have provided much theorizing among Lost‘s devoted audience, I don’t think that they are the driving force behind the overarching narrative, at least not in an emotional context. We’ve come back week after week to follow the adventures of our beloved band of castaways, caught in a timeless battle between good and evil, but it’s been those characters–Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, and Jin (and the rest)–who have provided the emotional spine of the series.

Casting them aside this late in the game to focus on the mysterious past of two characters we know precious little about seemed doomed to failure, with so few episodes remaining in the series. For an episode that was intended to provide answers–and perhaps closure to some mysteries–it ultimately felt increasingly frustrating and obtuse. Were these stories that needed to be told? Or at least told in this fashion? With so few hours remaining in this grand tapestry, wasn’t it a bit of a waste of yarn at this point?

Here, we’re meant to see the beginnings of the grand rivalry, the endless push and pull between good and evil that exemplifies the balance of the island, but instead we got a domestic drama about a woman who steals children, lies to them about the nature of the world, and then sets them against one another after showing them the truth behind their island home: a glowy, watery cave that is the source of the light within every man.

Wait, say what? After six seasons and countless theories about the nature of the island and its energy source–which had been explored already through the Dharma Stations, the Orientation films, and the groovy 1970s sojourn–the war comes down to who controls this badly rendered special effect?

Back in Season One, John Locke claimed to have seen the heart of the island (or specifically the “eye of the island”) and that it was a beautiful and transcendent experience, made all the more so because we didn’t see it. Instead, we saw a bright shining light that was reflected in his face and an expression that was akin to divine communion. Here, that energy source–that ephemeral spirit that exists within all of us–is transformed into something tangible and therefore loses something in the translation. What’s unseen is typically more psychologically powerful to the viewer than what is seen and, by giving the Source a form, the writers have essentially removed its aura of mystery and therefore its narrative strength.

We learned just what the relationship was between Jacob and his Nemesis (as I predicted, they’re twin brothers!); we learned where they came from (their pregnant, Latin-speaking mother was shipwrecked on the island); we learned who raised them (a solemn woman prone to keeping secrets and weaving things into her hair); we learned who originally constructed the frozen donkey wheel (the Man in Black!); we learned who the skeletons in the cave belonged to (Mother and Man in Black!); and we learned how the Nameless One became the smoke monster (his unconscious body went into the Source and his soul was stripped from his body).

Does it all make sense. I guess. Kind of. The light of all man is on the island for some reason and it must be protected. First by mother and then Jacob and eventually….Jack? Sawyer? Desmond? Once the light goes out then, I dunno the world ends?

Hmm, I guess that’s all I have to say about that.


Tonight the actions picks up from two weeks ago when Jin/Sun, Sayid and Lapidus died. There was a special screening of this episode over the weekend and word coming out is that LOST is once again firing on all cylinders. Tonight there will be more death, more anwers and I hear we will finally learn why Kate used to be a candidate but now is not.

Enjoy it folks. This is the last one hour weekly episode of LOST EVER!!! The last one before Sunday’s two-and-a half hour FINALE!!!

Sniffle, Sniffle.


Across The Sea

Posted in Lost on May 10, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

First order of business: Rest In Peace  Jin/Sun, Sayid and Lapidus.

We can cross a few more names off the cave wall now, thanks to an episode that definitely brought the emotional painfulness back to Lost as well as brought things full circle to the notion of family and the bonds between these characters. When Lost first began, it was essentially a story of survival as a group of strangers–united by tragedy–had to discover a way to stay alive, deciding whether to live together or die alone.
Over the course of six seasons and countless threats to their survival, these disparate characters have grown into something akin to a family. A highly dysfunctional one, granted, but one nonetheless. The invisible threats of fate that linked them at the beginning have been replaced by strong emotional tethers. When Lost-X Jack calls Claire “family,” it’s not just about their newly discovered sibling bond but about all of the characters on the series.
Family, after all, is what you’re willing to lay down your life for, to make the ultimate sacrifice, to stay to the bitter end as the waters rise up over your head. What’s united these castaways all along is love.


With only a handful of episodes remaining, I wanted some real emotional impact, some major stakes raised, rather than just another trek through the jungle or another double-cross of ol’ Smokey. Fortunately, the Lost writer gods must have been listening to me because the last twenty minutes of “The Candidate” packed in more plot twists and unexpected tension than several entire episodes.
And, thanks to the death of three major characters (and the assumed death of another), we saw the castaways shattered in a way we haven’t seen them in a very long time. Escaping from the wreckage of the submarine, they’re scared, shaken, and very sad. Those moments on the beach bring it all home. There’s been so much talk of supernatural entities, candidates, and greater purposes that it’s become easy to lose sight of the true battle going on here: survival. The deaths of Sun and Jin and of Sayid are an inescapable reminder that they–and we–are just all too mortal. When your time is up, it’s up. You don’t always get to have the happy ending that you deserve.
I thought that the submarine sequence was gorgeously shot and that the entire last twenty minutes or so–from the time they arrive on the dock to the very end of the episode–had me on the edge of my seat, either gasping in shock (Kate’s shooting) or sobbing (Sun and Jin’s death). I had a feeling, as soon as I saw that the Man in Black had removed the C4 explosives from the plane that something awful was about to unfold but even I couldn’t have predicted that the producers would be killing off three major cast members in one fell swoop. (As well as leaving the fate of poor Frank Lapidus so ambiguous, though I can’t imagine that the pilot survived.)


Sun is trapped in the wreckage of the sinking submarine. Faced with an impossible decision, Jin can either escape and save himself or they can die together. The fact that the Kwons were always represented with a single candidate number–42–is a poetic foreshadowing of the way they exit the world: bound together, united, hands intertwined. Their moment of unity is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time: an undersea ballet of billowing hair and clasped hands, a blue-hued postcard of the power of true love. These two never get their happy ending but they also get to die together, in each others arms, beneath the sea. It’s only in death that their hands are separated…
(Sigh. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it again.)
I was glad to see the old Sayid again, even if it was just one last time at the end of his life. For too long, we’ve seen a cold, emotionless Sayid, a walking zombie, who cared little for anyone else. But this week, Sayid seems to spring back to life again, recalling the Sayid from the earlier seasons, with his knowledge of defusing bombs. A zombie wouldn’t willingly sacrifice themselves for the greater good, but Sayid–now once again alive, it would seem–does just that. He tells Jack about Desmond’s location and instructs him to find Desmond and tells him that he is the one, the candidate of the title. And then he runs with the bomb and is blown to smithereens. He redeemed himself with that one act, proving that redemption is possible for anyone, regardless of their past actions.


The most heartbreaking scene in the show was when the survivors of the sub explosion washed up on the beach and had a good cry. Those who had fallen deserved to be mourned and Hurley did a nice job of expressing what us Lost die-hards were certainly feeling.

The end of the episode is akin to The Empire Strikes Back. The heroes are left decimated and defeated. It looks like the bad guy won. But, the good guys rebounded come Return of the Jedi and eventually balance was restored to the universe.

Me thinks Jack has all he can stands and he can’t stands no more. I for one can’t wait to see how this pans out….

But we will have to wait a week to see the ramifications of the sub explosion because tonight is an episode thousands of years in the making.

Across The Sea tells the story of Jacob and The Man in Black. Every question we have had about them is apparently answered tonight.

I’m about to make some predictions so if you don’t wanna possibly be spoiled then stop reading right now…..STOP


Jacob and MIB are brothers. Twin Brothers. They grew up together and somehow ended up on the island. While there MIB became corrupted somehow. Seduced by the darkside possibly? And Jacob assumed the role of island protector and jailor of his evil Twin Brother.

Could it be true? Maybe. Possibly. I guess we’ll see.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for the episode that finally explains the mythology of the island.

Across The Sea. This is the big one.


The Candidate

Posted in Lost on May 4, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

Now it’s getting scary.

LOST is in the home stretch like never before. Last week was a repeat. I was a bit annoyed for a second, then I thought about it. There will never be another LOST repeat again. We have three episodes to go before the two-hour season finale on May 23. Then, it’s over. And it only ends once…

Tonight’s episode is called The Candidate. I’ve heard whispers that LOST is balls to the wall from here on out. I’ve also heard that we LOSTIES should have a box of kleenex handy for tonight’s pivotal episode.

Yes, there will be death tonight. And I hear it’s big bad death. Death that will shake us diehards. Remember how we felt when Charlie died? Yeah, it sucked, and we had only spent two years with him. How are we going to feel tonight when some of our favorites bite the dust. Not Good!

I just hope whoever dies, doesn’t just die for the sake of dying. I hope their death serves a purpose and enhances the overall storyline. I hope the death or deaths, matter.

As is the case every time death rears its ugly head on LOST I make predictions. I called Shannon in season 2. I was shocked by Mr Eko in season 3. I called Juliet from last years finale and I almost threw my TV out the window when Faraday bit the dust last year.

I haven’t heard this anywhere, I’m just guessing, but I think tonight will see the end of JIN/SUN. I think Mr. Jin all but sealed the Kwons’ fate last week when, after a teary reunion with his wife, he said, “We’ll never be apart again.” Ugh, I hope I’m wrong. I have a pit in my fat stomach just thinking about it.

Who else could go? Sayeed possibly? Maybe after he redeems himself ala Darth Vader in Return of The Jedi.

The title of tonight’s show is The Candidate. Do we finally find out who The Candidate is? Can it really be anyone else besides Dr Jack Sheppard? Personally I’d be shocked if it was anyone else but him.

This week will set up the end of the show I’m thinking. Major shit will go down and the ramifications will carry us home.

Next week we will see a break in the current action for the LOST episode I may have been waiting six years for: Across The Sea.

Across the Sea. That’s the big one I hear. That’s the one where the island mythology will finally be explained. I’m told that episode focuses on MIB and Jacob and no one else.

  • Who are Jacob and The Man in Black?
  • Why is Man in Black a smoke monster?
  • Why is Jacob the island protector?
  • Why does the island time travel and who built the donkey wheel?

I hear all those things will be explained, which would provide us with clear sailing for the final episodes. ominously titled, “What They Died For” and then, fittingly, “The End” (parts 1 &2) shown back to back on May 23 as the Series Finale.

Yes, we’re near the end and those of us who have stuck with this wonderful show will be richly rewarded, that I’m certain of.

If You Hear These Whispers You’re Dying

Posted in Lost on April 20, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

Well, we finally learned just what those whispers are in the jungle:

The souls of those who can’t leave the island, who are trapped there as a result of their actions. The whispers precede Michael Dawson’s appearance at Libby’s grave at the start of the episode and when Hurley hears them once more in the jungle at night, he finally realizes just what they are. When Michael appears to him once more, he gets his confirmation: the whispers are the voices of those for whom the island is truly purgatory: a place of eternal unrest where they remain, perhaps until they can redeem themselves. The whispers then are an attempt for the dead to communicate with the living, to help, to perhaps act as a chance at redemption.

As for Michael, he seems to be acting here as a positive influence for Hurley. While he doesn’t tell him that he has to go see the Man in Black, he’s able to point Hurley towards his camp and issues an apology of sorts to Libby, saying that if he ever sees her again (which he has in the Lost-X timeline) to tell her that he’s sorry. For, you know, killing her.

I’d be interested to know just who else is trapped on the island, unable to move on: those who committed crimes against the island and its inhabitants or souls who were never able to come to terms with their own issues, trapped by their own inability to grow psychologically, spiritually, or physically. Or those who just never achieved closure?

Last week’s episode of Lost (“Everybody Loves Hugo”), provided a few answers as well as some explosions in an episode that focused on Hugo Reyes in both timelines. Acting as a bookend with Season Two’s “Everyone Hates Hugo,” last weeks installment cast Hurley not as a doomed victim but as a millionaire philanthropist beloved by everyone and lucky in every way.

Except maybe love.

Given that we now know that Lost as a whole is about the transformative and redemptive powers of love, it’s only fitting that Hurley would get a second chance at achieving true happiness with his own soul mate, Libby the crazy drunk. If the Lost-X timeline represents a new set of variables for the character, what was Hurley’s greatest desire? The chance to reverse his luck, to bring good to the people around him rather than destruction?

Ehh, who knows, I’m really starting to think Hurley may be the survivor when all is said and done, you know, The Candidate.

Then again, by the way Jack and Locke had their stare down at the end of the episode, it’s hard not to imagine the fate of the world is ultimately going to come down to them.

Let us not forget, last week was the first time Jack and has seen this new evil Locke. The real Locke visited Jack back in the day to try and get him to go back to the island and the next time Jack saw him was in the season 4 Finale, in the coffin. Remember?

There is a preview for tonight’s ep where Jack is asking The Man in Black why he looks like Locke and why he stole his body. Let me be clear, the time for vague answers are over. He best explain who he is, why he is and how he is. He best say it loud, say it slow and say it clear.

With only four episodes left before the 2 hour season finale, I expect ANSWERS each week. And so far I haven’t been disappointed.

In the last couple of weeks we learned that the island is a cork for evil, we learned where Richard came from, we learned about the whispers.

Still lots to be revealed though. Why can the Man in Black turn to smoke? Why does the island time travel? Who is Jacob and where is he from? Answer those and I’ll be a happy camper.

“None of this is real.” – Charlie

Posted in Lost on April 12, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

Imagine a world where you managed to achieve your heart’s desire. Would you be questioning the nature of the universe around you? Or would you be so complacent that you’d be blinded to what’s actually going on until cracks started to form in your seemingly perfect existence?

It’s the latter that has given the Lost’s sideways timeline some of its heft this season as several of the characters have begun to feel an eerie sense of deja vu or a biting sense of frisson in which they seemed to realize, if only for a split-second, that something was “off” with the world and their place in it.

A lot of speculation has been made about just what the Lost-Sideways- timeline actually is, with many critics and viewers jumping on the bandwagon that is the epilogue for the entire series. I’ve gone on record as to believing in this theory however, last week’s episode went a long way to disproving it all together.

Personally, I thought that “Happily Ever After” was hands down the best episode of the season, even if it didn’t feature many of the main cast members (other than Hurley, Jin, and Sayid, all very briefly). But what it offered was a new prism through which to see the sixth and final season and it placed a significant weight on just what was unfolding within the Lost-Sidways timeline, pushing it and the main timeline closer together while making each of them vitally important.

The Lost-Sidways timeline isn’t the ending for Lost, nor is it just a way of revisiting relationships and characters we haven’t seen in a while. It’s the very crux of the entire season, the outcome of Jack and Co.’s efforts to detonate Jughead, and it’s resulted in each of the characters having their consciousness split between these two realities.

The alternate timeline established when Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb at the future site of the Swan is just as “real” as the mainstream one but it’s a divergent timeline that I believe may require (GULP) the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 to raise the island from the ocean floor and recork the bottle. This is a world where each of them has received their heart’s desire but it’s made them unable to see what’s truly happening around them, making them little more than sleepwalkers in an eternal battle that they’re blind to.

In other words: someone needs to wake them up.

And that someone is apparently Desmond Hume. Ahh, good ole Desmond. His episodes, in my mind, have always stood out. Remember “The Constant’ from two years ago or “Jughead” from last season?

I’m thrilled that as it turns out, it may just be Des, Faraday and Charlie, once prominent characters, now forgotten, who will end up steering the castaways on the path to salvation.

But first, choices need to be made and I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Would you give up a chance at love to put the world right again? If you got your heart’s desire, could you turn your back on it? Is ignorance bliss or just blindness? With only five episodes remaining before the series finale of Lost, I think we’re about to see things get increasingly dark as lives will be lost, alliances broken, and sacrifices made. If last night’s episode is any indication of the road ahead, I dare say that we’re in for quite a ride.


btw, Does anyone else think that Widmore’s “Time-Travel- Chamber” resembles the inside of the cabin – complete with wooden-walls and an old chair in the middle.  Didn’t someone who appeared, albeit briefly in that chair many years ago, in a shaky flash of light, utter the words, “Help Me”…..I’m just saying.