LOCKE Up The Man In Black Smoke Monster Mash

What did the exploding bomb from last year’s finale do exactly?

 It appeared to split time in half with one time line showing the passengers of 815 lading safely in LAX, while the other half were transported forward, from 1977 to present day on the island, pissed off that Jack and Faraday’s experiment didn’t work.

 But, as Juliette knows, and us viewers know, it did work right? The plane did land safely in LA, but not before flying over the island, albeit submerged under water. Creepy huh?

It’s painfully obvious that the survivors of 815 who landed safely all know somewhere in their minds that things are off. Jack kind of recognized Desmond didn’t he? And Jack also had that blood stain on his neck. Are we to assume there are traces of the LOSTIES island adventures buried deep within their minds? I sure as hell think there are.

 I’m also fairly certain that at some point this season, somehow, the two alternate timelines will converge. As in the survivors of flight 815 that landed safely in LAX will catch up to the 2007 survivors who are on the island, trapped, and seemingly preparing for battle against Jon Locke, I mean the man in black, I mean the smoke monster.


 If you have five minutes click the link below. It’s a pretty extensive recap of last weeks two-hour season premiere that makes some interesting points and may clear up some confusion one is sure to have after all that was last week’s premiere.



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