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Sec. 127. Row 10

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bonoThanks to Jamie being on the ball this morning, I am one of the lucky 72,000 people who will be attending the U2 360 tour when it comes into Gillette Stadium on Sept 20.

According to Ticketmaster, the show sold out in hours and prompted a second show to be added the next night. So, while there will be more than 140,000 people seeing U2 over those two nights, (almost 5 times the population of Torrington) I still consider myself lucky to be in the mix.

The band’s stadium performances will be “in the round,” with a custom-made four-legged structure holding up the speakers, lighting and a large cylindrical screen, supposedly offering “an unobstructed view” to audiences.

There is a model of the setup HERE.

Y’all know U2 is my band and their concerts do not disappoint. Even non-diehards who have experienced the shows over the years (Ads, Jay, Keely, Jewett and even Cooter) have admitted they are a sight to behold.

The band always puts together a great setlist, sprinkling tunes from the new albums with classic hits and the occasional Beatles or Doors cover thrown in for good measure.

I’m super duper excited to hear songs from U2’s new album played out live. The album is the best thing the band’s put out since 1992’s Achtung Baby, and that certainly says a lot.

The show is still six months away, typing this now, that seems like an eternity to wait.  A whole other lifetime, perhaps. But that’s okay, anticipation is half the fun….actually, I take that back. Waiting sux. I want to go now!!

TOP FIVE SONGS I’ve seen U2 play in concert:

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday – Elevation Tour, Hartford Civic Center, June 2001.

2. Where The Streets Have No Name – Elevation Tour, Hartford Civic Center, June 2001.

3. ELEVATION-Vertigo Tour, Hartford Civic Center, Dec. 2005.

4. PRIDE – Popmart Tour, Foxboro Stadium, July 1997.

5. Staring at The Sun– Popmart Tour, Foxboro Stadium, July 1997.



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fnlHow excited I was Monday when I learned that one of my favorite shows, Friday Night Lights, was not only picked up for a fourth season, but a fifth season as well. Go Panthers!!

I find it my obligation to let people know when a TV show is worthy of an hour’s time each week. (LOST, BREAKING BAD, etc).  Friday Night Lights is def one of those shows.

Based on a best selling novel of the same name, FNL tells the story of the Dillon High School Panthers football team and their newly hired coach, Eric Taylor.

Friday Night Lights displays the stress that the town gives the high school players to win, and the hope that the team gives to a small town, and how a team has its low points, its high points, and how they come together as a team on their way to victory.

Season’s 1 & 2 are currently available on DVD, while season three is heading toward it’s season finale, Fridays (duh) on NBC.

And for those who need that extra nudge, the show is full of EYE CANDY. For the boys (as if a TV show about football isn’t enough) Minka Kelly (currently dating Derek Jeter) plays the girl next door beauty Lyla Garrity, while for the ladies, Taylor Kitsch (Gambit in the upcoming Wolverine movie and the rumored second choice to play Edward Cullen) plays the town’s resident bad boy Tim Riggins.

Extra Extra incentive? The star of the show, Kyle Chandler, who plays Coach Taylor, was last seen on network TV playing a member of the bomb squad on Greys Anatomy way back in the day…….yes, he’s the one that got blown to pieces… reassembled on Friday Night Lights, coaching the Dillon Panthers, and having sex with his smoking hot MILF wife, Julie Tammy.

“Clear Eyes. Full Hearts!”

21 Top Fives

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1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. Forrest Gump

3. Rocky

4. The Empire Strikes Back

5.  Dances With Wolves


1. Tom Hanks

2. Daniel Day Lewis

3. Clint Eastwood

4. Johnny Depp

5. Jack Nichols0n


1. U2

2. The Beatles

3. Toad The Wet Sprocket

4. Pearl Jam

5. The Samples


1. The Joshua Tree

2. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

3. Dulcinea

4. Automatic For The People

5. Ten

TV SHOWS (still on)


2. Rescue Me

3. Breaking Bad

4. Friday Night Lights

5. Entourage

TV SHOWS (off the air)

1. The Sopranos

2. Six Feet Under

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

4. Battlestar Galactica

5. The Shield


1. Summer Glau

2. Minka Kelly

3. Katie Sackhoff

4. Natalie Portman

5. Kristin Bell


1. Paul O’Neil

2. Bernie Williams

3. Mariano Rivera

4. Derek Jeter

5. Don Mattingly


1. Ray Allen

2. Ben Gordon

3. Scott Burrell

4. Emeka Okafor

5. Hasheem Thabeet


1. Mr. Geci

2. Mr. Berubi

3. Mr Voigt

4. Mrs Grella

5.  Mr Bucklin (before he went nuts)


1. Solsberry Hill

2. Graceland

3. Billie Jean

4. Pride

5. Walk On The Ocean


1. U2 @ Hartford Civic Center (elevation tour)

2. U2 @ Foxboro Stadium (popmart tour)

3. Pearl Jam @ Meadows (yield tour)

4. U2 @ Hartford Civic Center (vertigo tour)

5. U2 @ Providence Civic Center (Halloween Night, elevation  tour)


1. Aaron Boone homerun 2003 ALCS Game 7

2. Scott Brosious homerun 2001 World Series Game 5

3. Tino Martinez homerun 2001 World Series Game 4

4. The Flip

5. Jim Leyritz ’96 World Series game 4. “At the track, at the wall, we are tied!”


1. Darth Vader

2. Han Salo

3. Luke Skywalker

4. Obi Wan Kenobi

5. Yoda


1. Setback

2. 9/5

3. Texas Hold-em

4. King Pete

5. Rummy 500


1. Golden Retriever

2. Lab

3. Puggle

4. German Shepherd

5. Beagle


1. Lisa’s Future ( where she marries the British guy)

2. Last Exit to Springfield ( where Homer becomes head of the Union. )

3. Cape Fear ( where the simpsons hideout from Sideshow Bob on a boat )

4. Saturdays of Thunder ( Homer helps Bart build a soapbox racer )

5. Boy Scouts in the Hood ( Bart joins the junior campers)


1. Hulk Hogan

2. Bret Hart

3. Sean Michaels

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

5. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat


1. Little House on The Prairie

2. Macgyver

3. The Golden Girls

4. Different Strokes

5. Growing Pains


1. Pandemonium

2. The Zoo

3. Derek & The Funbags

4. Kick

5. The Dave Matthews Band


1. Jacob Black

2. Carlisle Cullen

3. Alice Cullen

4. Edward Cullen

5. Chief Charlie Swan

LOST: Now what’s going on exactly?

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So here’s what we know for sure:

– Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid are in Dharma camp circa 1977. Farady, according to Sawyer, is missing, and young Ben Linus is walking about.

– Locke, Sun, Lapidus, Adult Ben Linus, and the survivors of the most recent crash are on the island circa 2007, according to Jack’s dad, who Sun and Lapidus met up with in a distinctly altered Dharma Camp.

-Apparently, whatever happened in 1977, whatever the Losties did, changed the future somehow and by the way that camp looks, burning and in shambles, I’m not sure if it was for the better.

According to a preview for tonight’s episode, Sayid is heard uttering the line, “I know why I am here.” I can only guess it’s to kill young Ben before he grows up to be powerful, scary, lying Ben.

Lots of questions to be answered. With so much going on these days it’s easy to lose track. If you find yourself (ahem) Lost, I recomend checking out the two study guides below:

An in-depth analysis of last weeks episode, “Namaste” can by found by clicking HERE.

And, a more visual recap can be seen below:

Mamma Say Mamma Sa Ma Cu Sa

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bonI briefly glanced at yet another one of the FACEBOOK lists a few weeks back, asking members to list “The 15 Albums That Changed Your Life”.

I remember thinking, “yeah, I gotta steal that”.

I wouldn’t say the list below consists of albums that “changed my life”, but they are 15 that I listened too, ad naseum growing up. Most of them I still dust  off today.

None of these are more important than the others as far as this list is concerned. Instead I decided to group them in the order I remember discovering them.


I didn’t have the cd, I had the little grey cassette tape. I remember playing it in my room on my black “Boom-Box”.  Back then, “Beat it” rocked my world, but today, I’ve realized that Billy Jean is the real gem on that classic album.

Best Song: Billy Jean

2. BON JOVI: Slippery When Wet

Once again, a little grey tape, blaring Living On A Prayer from the boom box in my room. I knew all the words to that rock anthem before I reached double digits in age.

BEST SONG: Living On A Prayer

3. POISON:Open Up And Say Ahh.

They looked like Women! Scary Women! But those cheesy danceable tunes from Bret, Bobby, Rikki and CC,  sounded so good and all the girls loved ’em, so it gave you something to talk about with your crushes in school.

BEST SONG: Nothing But A Good Time

4. GUNS N ROSES: Appetite For Destruction.

Simply put, one of the greatest rock albums ever. And what adolescent male didn’t study the tape insert depicting the slutty woman being assaulted by a robot. My sister and I used to laugh our asses off watching Bob Berglewicz mimic Axl Rose, strapped to the chair in the Welcome To The Jungle video.

Best Song: Sweet Child O Mine

5. DEF LEPPARD: Hysteria.

Pour Some Sugar On Me….nuff said.


I knew every word, to every song on this album. Aerosmith was the first concert I ever saw, touring in support of this album.

Best Song: Love in an Elevator

7. PEARL JAM: Ten.

I liked the song Alive and truth be told, I thought the pink album cover was really cool so I bought it. Little did I know how influential this album would be. More than any other record I’d purchased up to that point, Ten made other albums, by Poison, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi seem really, really cheesy.

Best Song: Release

8. REM: Automatic For The People.

I bought the record because I dug the tune Drive. Every song on the album turned out to be gold. Except for maybe Everybody Hurts.

Best Song: Nightswimming


This album became the soundtrack to my high school life. I’ll always associate it with my senior year and all my friends.

Best Song: Crowing

10. THE COUNTING CROWS: August and Everything After.

This album still makes it into my cd player on occasion. Though I always skip over Mr. Jones. A once great tune, ruined by radio.

Best Song: Rain King

11. LIVE: Throwing Copper.

One oddball, vague, ambiguous, yet catchy tune after another, make up this 90s classic.

Best Song: Selling The Drama

12. U2:The Joshua Tree & Achtung Baby.

I really dug the tunes Mysterious Ways and One, so I bought Achtung Baby.  The guy at Strawberries said it was their best album ever, besides of course, The Joshua Tree. So, while in the store, I bought that one too. Listening to the two albums non-stop for weeks began my love affair with the band. To this day, they are still my favorite band and the only musicians whose albums I still buy.

Best Song: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Joshua Tree) and Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World (Achtung Baby)

13. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: Under The Table and Dreaming. The album is great. The concerts at The Meadows were better.

Best Song: Warehouse

14. THE SAMPLES: (The Checkered Album).

A band I discovered at Keene State College. The best album by “the best band in the world that you’ve never heard of”. Seeing them each year at Toad’s Place became a tradition.

Best Song: Birth of Words

15.  THE BEATLES: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Yes, I discovered the best band ever mad late in my music listening career. I now own basically ALL their albums, but this one is my favorite.

Best Song: A Day in the Life

Breaking into A Million Little Pieces

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frey1I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately. Nothing helps me up when I’m down more than taking solace in the troubles of others. It helps when you see others who have it worse off than you do. For me, even when those “others” are fictional characters, it still seems to do the trick.

I believe Lisa Simpson once accused  Homer of this behavior after he seemed delighted that Ned Flanders was depressed after the Leftorium faced bankruptcy.  She called it Schadenfreude.

Lately, I’ve been sucked in to the pain and misery that is Walter White, the main character in the AMC show Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad follows  White (Bryan Cranston, the dad from Malcolm in the Middle), a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family’s financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. The series explores how a fatal diagnosis such as White’s releases a typical man from the daily concerns and constraints of normal society and follows his transformation from mild family man to a kingpin of the crystal meth drug trade.

I’m completely enamored by this show. It only took two episodes to completely suck me in. Season one is available on DVD. Season two is currently two episodes deep on AMC and runs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. I highly, highly, recommend it.


I’ve also been reading A Million Little Pieces, the semi-autobiographical memoir from James Frey, a 22-year-old alcoholic and drug abuser, sent to rehab by his parents, where he is told if he uses drugs and alcohol again, he will, in all likely hood, die.

One chapter in the book deals with James in the dentist office, getting his teeth repaired and, because he is an addict, is not allowed anesthesia or pain killers. They have to strap him in to the chair as his gums are drilled and his teeth are torn out. James believes he deserves this torture because he is “An alcoholic. A drug additct. A criminal.” I honestly got nauseous reading it.


So if you’re looking for the next big thing on TV, pick up Breaking Bad  season one on DVD and if you’re looking for a book, I can’t speak any “higher” of A Million Little Pieces.

If you’re having a bad day, week, month, or life in general, the story of a dying meth dealer and a recovering crack addict will surely brighten your spirits and maybe you’ll think twice before complaining because the temperature outside isn’t just right.


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….that is the title of tonight’s all new Lost. Namaste….it’s always been one of my favorite words. That and Gravitas.

Season Five of LOST is at it’s halfway point and the gang is officially back together, albeit in 1974, smack in the middle of the Dharma Initiative.

Lost left us with an old fashion cliff hanger last week, as Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley were brought to Sawyer, thanks to Jin, who’s obviously been on the lookout. Sawyer and Kate made eye contact, having not seen each other in three years, and then…..credits rolled.

I’m looking forward to a lot of reunions besides Sawyer and Kate. Especially Jin and Sun.

Before too long, I’m betting the frozen donkey wheel will be turned and the castaways will eventually end up in the correct time period, but not before more fun happens in ’74. I mean, come on, young Benji Linus has not even arrived yet.

I’m told, young Ben gets a major story arc that will explain who he is and more importantly “why” he is. I’m thinking, if the Losties were smart, knowing what they know now, maybe one of them should just kill the kid.

I’m thinking a nice old fashion Iraqi leg choke from Sayid should do the trick.